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malignance said: i cant believe piney is trash for disapproving of pedophilia

how terrible of me…..how do i even dare…


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el pollo del mes


el pollo del mes


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So it's okay for you to belittle ereri but ereri shippers can't belittle Mikasa? That sounds like a double standard to me. Nobody should belittle anyone. I expected more from an eruri shipper. Any shipper who treats anyone like trash is trash.

closes eyes in exasperation

it’s okay for me to “belittle” ereri because it’s a fucking pedo ship and is morally wrong how many times do i have to say this

"i expected more from an eruri shipper" what i ship has nothing to do w my opinions on ereri. this is not a shipping war this is about a large part of the fandom that chooses to ignore the fact that something they enjoy is harmful and immoral.

also anyone who chooses to insult somebody and doesn’t have the guts to do it off anon is trash so get out of my face lmao

(this will b the last of ereri asks i will answer today lol im tired)

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i would sell. my. whole. ass. to be as talented and articulate as u im not even kidding i love u pineY ROCK ON

BLUSHES V MUCH……im jsut a meme om g but hhh thank u!!!!! so much

honestly, i'm done with the ereri fandom. i've seen about 10 ereri posts just today that shits all over mikasa and now they are doing it to erwin. it's not enough for them to characterize erwin as someone who abuses levi, now they have to make him out to be some pedophile supporter. plus i'm pretty sure levi ships himself with erwin.

yeah, its like they find it necessary to destroy/belittle every person thats really close to both people in the ship….if you have to do that to somehow justify the ship or something, it’s probably not a good ship

and lmao tru,

laughing every time someone takes shipping so seriously. everyone's going to forget about attack on titan after the next popular gay animu that comes out.

lmao, snk has been around for like a year now and theres been lots of “Popular Gay Animus” coming out since then so………¯\_(ツ)_/¯